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Get Involved — Oceanside Dog Beach

Get Involved

To establish a dog beach in Oceanside, we need your help! Here’s how:

Add Your Signature

We will present the list of signatures to the Oceanside City Council. Each signature shows support to this initiative.

Join the NextDoor Group

Discuss the O’side Dog Beach Initiative with you neighbors. Keep up to date with announcements about the initiative.

Keep up to date with the Newsletter

Sign up for the newsletter, we will send you announcements every few weeks.

Email City Council Members

Your chance to email city council members and tell them you want, no, you need, a dog beach now.


State your position to City Council, say Yes to the Dog Beach agenda item.

Become a volunteer if you believe in what we are doing to help our community

Let us know if you want in on this is opportunity and what you can bring to this initiative.


Oceanside Dog Beach


Get Involved