Comments and Concerns

Comments and Concerns — Oceanside Dog Beach

Comments and Concerns

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"I am an Oceanside resident and i would like to walk my dog on a portion of Oceanside Beach." -Paul Perkins

"I would completely enjoy bringing my dog to my home beach!!!" -Abrahan Delossantos

"I am a dog owner and this would be awesome! Then we wouldn't have to go all the way down to the other dog beach." - Erica Perez

"It's time!" - Jennifer Eaton

“Dogs and dogs owners should be able to enjoy the beach!" - Kim Aycock

"I want to be able to take my dog to the beach." - Linda Fleming

"I would LOVE to be able to bring my Black Lab to our local beach!!! Del Mar is too far to bring her regularly. She's a water dog and this would be heaven for us. Plus, we have a robust dog community. We deserve to have a section for our best friends!!" -Mimi Schacht

"It would so much closer than driving to Del Mar or Ocean Beach!" -Judy Chirila

"We deserve to have a off leash dog Park. If Coronado and Del Mar city’s can have an off leash dog beach, so I can Oceanside." -Eugene Wessel

"Dogs need freedom and exercise which makes their owners healthier and happier! Avila Beach has dog times at both beaches, and it brings me great joy to watch dogs play in the waves, run full gait, play with eachother and with people. DOG BEACHES BUILD HEALTHY AND HAPPY COMMUNITIES!!!" -ginger lordus

"I'm signing because Oceanside needs a dog beach. My dog loves the beach and I would like to be able to go off leash with others, in O'side. Thank you." -Lesly Adams

"We need a dog beach here in Oceanside. It’s not feasible to drive to Del Mar for most of us. -Claudia Ryan

"Come on people we need a dog beach! Some people going to San Diego. That’s crazy. Currently we have to go to Huntington. Finding parking is not fun." -Joyce Burns

"I want to enjoy family time at the beach which includes my furry son, Butters." -Fabi Armas

"We have two dogs that love the beach!" -Cory Leighton

"Our dogs absolutely love the beach and enjoy socializing with other dog while they play!" -Beth Atuatasi

"I am a resident of Oceanside and I have 3 dogs who would love to be able to play at the beach more often. With not have to drive down south in all the traffic!" -Michelle McKinney

"Tambien tienen derecho a disfrutar en libertad la playa y no contaminan. Como el humano" -Martha Velasco

"Even if I had no dogs, I would love to see dogs on the beach!" -Kathy Boyd

"Oside doesn’t even have a dog park. A dog beach would be excellent." -Hayley Gordon

"I have a dog and would love to have a place for her to run. Oceanside does not have a place. -Karen Harrington

"Im signing because I love our community and animals are a large part of it." -Richard Ruzylo

"To not allow dogs is human centric as if it is we/they who should be the only ones to enjoy a fun run on a beach." -Kate Kenner

"This is our favorite beach in the area and would love to bring our two dogs." -Brett Lee

"I would love to bring my dog to the beach! I live near Oceanside, no reason to drive all the way to Del Mar dog beach!" -Angel Hayes

"Please PM me for some background when we tried to do this in like 2003." -Gretchen Heffler

"I want a dog Beach instead of having to drive to Del Mar" -Janis Christie Woods

"I live in Oceanside and will love to take my sofa to my beach" -Aimee Lopez

"I have two dogs who love the beach. Also I Live in a condo and there is no space to let them run let alone all off leash." -Christine Carlo

"We need more places for dogs to enjoy the water on hot days. We also just need a beach in general in Oceanside." -AMY FRANKLIN

"It is too close to residential areas." -Karen Dean

"Piper loves the beach!" -Jason Walker

"Considering the city is already lacking parks for both kids and dogs, it has to be apparent that there is a need for more open spaces for we the people to play. I know my Labrador, a water do, would be thrilled!" -Debra Sutton

"I love dogs" -Kenneth Parkinson

"Oceanside/Carlsbad is in desperate need for a dog beach!" -marsha montague

"I am a responsible pet owner and would love the freedom to let my dogs play at the beach!" -Alexia Chapparone

"I’d love a dog beach that is closer" -Shanna Kane

"Please designate an off leash area. Thank you." -Virgene Link

"Get me to the Oside dog " -Kindra Leinfelder

""Not enough grassy dog parks. Why does San Diego not have better dog parks. Have you see. What OC has!?" -Ashlie Pesic

"It is very important for our pups to have a safe place to socialize and exercise." -Gina Belsito

""I have two dogs" -Victoria Vargas

"Dogs rule!" -Brian Koshley

"Oceanside needs a dog beach‼️" -Ellen Bialik

"I believe Oceanside should have a dog beach especially since the only one nearby is Delmar" -Jodi Farmer

"I visit California and love Oceanside and never bring my dog because there is no place for her to play" -Mariah Cole

"We would really love a dog-friendly beach in our own community!!" -Lara Ward

"Yes!" -Mandy Parrey

"dog beachin life" -Sophia Lillestrand

"Tino wants to run!" -LIn Lloyd



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