Village H. Off-leash Trail Users Group – UPDATE (May 2020)

Carlsbad Cit Council - Meeting April 14, 2020

Status update for Village H. Off-Leash Trail Users (May 2002)

The purpose of this communications is to provide informational updates and seek your input regarding next steps:

Dear Friends,

First of all thank you to the many of you who took the call to action to send in those emails to the Carlsbad City Clerk!

A – Information Updates

Since our last communications, two important things have happened:

Anne Smith, Lonnie Smith’s wife of 50 years, has passed away. As you know, Lonnie and his wife have been dedicated members of this community for decades ( Founders).  Lonnie will be taking time now to be with his family and to adjust to this devastating change in his life. Please show your support by emailing Lonnie

And a decision was reached by the Carlsbad City Council regarding the future of Village H. The council approved the “Staff and Preserve Calavera Option”, which restores off-leash use to the trail.

At this point, we need to consider what we think of this outcome.

On the positive side:

-There was a risk when this property was transferred to the City of Carlsbad that Off-leash dog use would NEVER be approved; so this is an enormous win that is a testament to the advocacy of this group over the past many years.

-The off-leash area will be approximately 1 acre in size, by far the largest off-leash area in the city.

-The Off-leash area will be located within our beloved eucalyptus grove.

On the negative side:

- None of the specific proposals submitted to council in my email of April 13th was accepted by the council for implementation. As a result:

i) This group will likely have little to no opportunity for input to this development process going forward, including details on fencing, ground material, etc.ii) The Off-leash use area will likely never extend over the full length of the eucalyptus grove, but will end at the midway point.

iii) The Off-leash area will not include a “looped” trail, but will be a straight segment through the grove, on the “upper trail segment.”  Moreover, it’s not clear where the fencing for this area will be located, next to the upper trail, next to the lower trail, or somewhere in between.

iv) The facility will include a parking lot, Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station and restroom, all of which we believe to waste space and money.

B – Seeking Your Input

Given the current situation, we need to decide what to do next.  We want to get the community’s input regarding this important decision:

Option 1 – Be happy, do nothing and look forward to the grand opening!

Option 2 – Lodge a protest regarding the council’s decision, on the basis that the city process for gathering public input was prejudicial and ineffective.

Option 2 is not likely to be an easy path.  It will require working together as a community and still may not be successful. Moreover, if successful it could result in an extension of the timeline for project completion.

Option 3 – Something yet To Be Determined (TBD) by all of us, we need your input!

Please provide input below to leave a public comment.



Tom Watson


Volunteer: or call 760-678-7730.







Carlsbad City Council - Email update (April 17, 2020)

Carlsbad City Council - Approved Hybrid Concept Plan

City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday, April 14, to move forward with a Hybrid Concept Plan for Village H South that will include an off-leash dog area while protecting sensitive habitat preserves and providing for wildlife movement.

The hybrid plan was developed with Preserve Calavera over the past few months. It will include an approximate 1 acre enclosed off-leash dog area and a parking lot and restroom near the corner of Victoria Avenue and Carlsbad Village Drive. With this plan, the initial segment of the west side of the trail loop will be removed, but the rest of the trail loop will remain unchanged.

The area east of the off-leash dog area and trail will remain open space that the city will maintain through weed abatement and routine monitoring intended to allow native vegetation to remain. Staff recommended the hours of operation of the off-leash dog area to be from 8 sunset, the same as the Ann D. L’Heureux dog park.

Two other options were offered to City Council for consideration, a Staff Concept Plan and the option to not pursue an off-leash dog area on the property. Public input was gathered through a public workshop and online survey completed last summer and used to help develop the concept plans shared with City Council in December.

Next Steps

Next steps will include preparing a request for proposals for the environmental review process, agency permitting, master plan amendment processing and the drafting of plans and specifications.

Carlsbad City Council - Village H South Project Overview

Village H South Project Background

The Village H South property is located at the corner of Carlsbad Village Drive and Victoria Avenue. The City acquired the 61-acre property as part of a lawsuit settlement agreement with the Quarry Creek housing project. In April 2019, City Council requested city staff work with the community to develop a plan to integrate an off-leash dog area as part of the Village H South property. Read more

More Information:

·     Staff Report for April 14 City Council meeting

·     Village H South Public Input Report

·     Village H South Wildlife Movement Study

·     Kasia Trojanowska, Parks Planning Manager, please call 760-434-2838


  • I am for option #2! I am willing to fight for a full restore of our original area and you can count on us to bring the fight!

    Jake Nyberg
  • It would have been great if we were able to have preserved the historic use of our beloved trail, against all odds. That being said, if we do continue to fight on against the plan that the city has arbitrarily decided on; will we prevail eventually, and at what cost and timeframe? This all needs to be taken into to consideration.
    We can certainly voice our displeasure in certain aspects of the city’s plan, including a parking lot and electric car port (which Preserve Calavera doesn’t even want), but will the city give a hoot when they haven’t seemed to so far?!
    Do we have enough overall support to continue fighting on, as was prevalent with the whole mall/Nordstrom lagoon issue a few years ago? Do we have resources to battle on? Or should we just accept the cards we’ve been dealt, and play that hand?
    I, for one, don’t want to drag out fighting with the city in perpetuity; especially since the odds are stacked against us, and my dogs (who love their trail) may likely be gone by then.
    I’m interested to hear how the majority would like to proceed on this matter, and I will support the general group consensus.
    Thank you, Tom, for all of your hard work and efforts on our collective behalf.
    Condolences to Lonnie over the devastating loss of his beloved wife, Anne. My heart goes out to you and your family during this horribly difficult time.
    Best to All, and stay safe,

    Lisa Beveridge
  • Thanks for the update Tom! Anne Smith will never be forgotten, let’s all volunteer and support for her memory.

    All my best to everyone involved in Village H. Trail off-leash efforts!

    Aaron, Konni, Hunter and Chewbarka.

    Aaron Janssen

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