Meet Tom Watson

Dr. Tom Watson

Meet Tom Watson

There have been some recent communications authored by me and I’m sure they’ve left you wondering, “who is Tom Watson?”.   Here is a short introduction.

After getting my PhD in Chemical Physics from USC, my wife and I bought our first home in Carlsbad in 1984.  In 1988 our daughter was born and not long after we moved into the Salisbury Drive home where we would see our son born later and spend the next 25 years.

During those years, we also got our first dog, Zoey, a beautiful Golden Retriever, and this led us to discover the area known today as Village H.  I remember fondly even in those days seeing so many dogs with their families, kids riding the rope swing, and formed my first memories of the trail being the place where we could all go to leave our troubles behind and form new friendships.

Around 2000 when my son was getting involved in baseball, I got my first taste of community service and served on the Board of Carlsbad Youth Baseball for several years until 2009.  After this I served a similar role for the Mitchell Thorp Foundation.  I still hold both of these organizations close to my heart.

After 25 years, with kids who were bigger than us and ailing knees, we decided it was time to move to a single story and that is how we found our current residence in Oceanside.  Part of the negotiation process for the move was to get a new dog, and this is how Leo came into our lives.  Not long after that we were looking to into places to venture out for our weekend walks and we realized that it’s not far down the road to visit our old friendly trail at Village H.

Leo and I are regulars at the trail now, even with the leashing restriction.  But the memory of what this place was is still fresh and is a vision that should not be let die.

Thanks very much,



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  • Hi Tom,

    Thanks to you for all you have done before and now in leading our off-leash cause, hats off to you!


    Aaron Janssen

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