Meet Tom Watson

Meet Tom Watson
Meet Tom Watson There have been some recent communications authored by me and I’m sure they’ve left you wondering, “who is Tom Watson?”.   Here is...

Village H. Off-leash Trail Users Group – UPDATE (May 2020)

Village H. Off-leash Trail Users Group – UPDATE (May 2020)

Status update for Village H. Off-Leash Trail Users (May 2002)

The purpose of this communications is to provide informational updates and seek your input regarding next steps:

Dear Friends,

First of all thank you to the many of you who took the call to action to send in those emails to the Carlsbad City Clerk!

A – Information Updates

Since our last communications, two important things have happened:

Anne SmithLonnie Smith’s wife of 50 years, has passed away. As you know, Lonnie and his wife have been dedicated members of this community for decades ( Founders).  Lonnie will be taking time now to be with his family and to adjust to this devastating change in his life. Please show your support by emailing Lonnie

And a decision was reached by the Carlsbad City Council regarding the future of Village H. The council approved the “Staff and Preserve Calavera Option”, which restores off-leash use to the trail.

At this point, we need to consider what we think of this outcome.

Anne and Lonnie Smith

Anne and Lonnie Smith

Our heart goes out to Lonnie's beloved wife Anne Smith, they have been married for over 50 years! Lonni and Anne have always been there for us, now it's time to give back. Please reach out to Lonnie ( to show our support for him in his time of need. Lonnie and Anne's selflessness and commitment to their community are perfect examples for all of us and our children to emulate, 

Lonnie's tireless off-leash efforts have resulted in a community groundswell well documented on Now all of our projects are unified together on

Carlsbad City Council Meeting April 14th 2020

Carlsbad City Council Meeting April 14th 2020

Dear Friends,

Village H has been scheduled for review as part of the Carlsbad City Council agenda on Tuesday, April 14th.  As you may know, City Council meetings are all being conducted virtually now with no live participation and the only allowed means of providing citizen input is by email.

As a result we are requesting that you take the following action, as soon as possible, but definitely prior to the start of the meeting:

Action:  Draft and email as shown below

Email Address to send to:

Email Subject:  Village H Off leash Trail Use

Email Message Text:

Please read this message into the record at the City Council meeting:

Dear Mayor and Council Members,

Our family is one of hundreds who have waited patiently for the past year to have the Village H trailed restored to its historic use for our Off leash dogs and our families.  Please take the required steps to keep this project moving forward, including implementation of the proposals submitted separately by Dr. Tom Watson.

Thank you,

[Your Name]

Carlsbad Voter